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We provide entry/exit prices with our recommendation so you do not have to keep guessing at what price to buy/sell your trades.

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You truly have nothing to lose, but to try. 

The lower the price per share is of a stock, the more shares you can buy, the more shares you buy, the more money you make. The reason it is primarily microcap-penny stocks is because they are very cheap to buy, you invest a little and profit a lot.

For example, if you invest $500 into Sprint and lets say it's trading at 4.50 per share, you can only buy 111 shares. That means each penny is worth $1.11, you also have to pay the standard $7 commission fee per trade (depending on which broker your with), so you would not be able to start making any money until Sprint jumps upto 4.57. And if you look at these charts for large corporations like Sprint, they only have about a 20-60 cent range each day so you would only be able to make roughly $50 the most on a very good day. Now microcap-penny stocks on the other hand, trade very low so you can buy more shares. For example, if you invest $500 into a stock like EMXC (a Media company in Salt Lake City, UT) and lets say it is trading at .0011 per shares, you can buy 454,000 shares (that means each penny is worth $4540). If EMXC goes up to even .0061, you just made almost a $2300 profit. One of my recent stock picks I've sent out was PYBX. I sent it out Tuesday, July 27th after the market closed, it was trading at .0014. The very next day (Wednesday, July 28th) it jumped upto .0151! That's a profit of well over 1100% in just one trading day! If someone would have invested $500 in PYBX Tuesday at .0014, they would have made nearly a $4900 profit.

The reason I use only $500 for all my examples is because $500 is normally the minimum requirement to create a trading account and it is the average amount of how much money most of the investors want to invest, it is more than enough to triple within just the first week of trading with my program. However, I can recommend you to a brokerage firm that does not require a minimum balance to create a trading account.

Below is an example of how much money you can make just by doing 10 trades with only $500 invested and an average gain of 50% from each trade.
 1.  $500 invested and you make 50% and now you have a profit of $750
 2.  $750 with a profit of 50%= $1,125
 3.  $1,125 with a profit of 50%= $1,687.5
 4.  $1,687.5 with a profit of 50%= $2,531.25
 5.  $2,531.25 with a profit of 50%= $3,796.88
 6.  $3,796.88 with a profit of 50%= $5,695.32
 7.  $5,695.32 with a profit of 50%= $8,542.98
 8.  $8,542.98 with a profit of 50%= $12,817.47
 9.  $12,817.47 with a profit of 50%= $19,226.21
10. $19,226.21 with a profit of 50%= $28,839.32

Keep in mind that most brokerage firms only allow you three trades per trading week. For example, you buy ABC on Monday, sell on Tuesday. Buy STU on Wednesday, sell on Thursday. Buy XYZ on Friday, sell before the market closes. So basically you can only buy stock three times per week (if you have $25k or more then you are considered a daytrader and are exempt from the 3 trades per week). And as you can see from my chart I've made above, with as little as $500 invested you can triple your investment within just the first week. 

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